MaestroVision’s “Commitment to Superior Training” Service

Like all technological systems, Maestrovision systems present some technical complexity. In addition, the flexibility of the system as well the continual addition of advanced functionality requires that operators become familiar with the equipment and technology. For this reason, Maestrovision offers continuing education services. The target audiences are:

  • Technical staff responsible for the maintenance of the systems
  • Developers/graphic designers who create Channel elements, or on-air development operators
  • The staff that handles / uses information from the Maestrovision system
  • Managers – who would benefit from an understanding of the high technological level of their facilities

The training covers the MaestroVision system as well as all of the technological infrastructure that surrounds it. Generally covered aspects are:

  • MaestroVision systems, their uses and the links between them
  • The possibilities offered by the system of implementation
  • The architecture of data. The methods of working
  • Technology best practices

We can also help to establish a continuous training programme to ensure the up-to-date knowledge of all stakeholders.