Police Interview Recording System


The latest generation in police interrogation

For law enforcement, armed forces and government agencies, interview recording is the mainstay for collecting valuable testimonial and forensic evidence.

Police Interview Recording

Old legacy systems use analog cameras recording on DVDs that are hard to retrieve and have to be duplicated.  The audio & video signal is very poor, and even with multiple cameras in an interrogation room, only one camera is recorded, maybe with a second tiny image keyed into a corner.

Newer IP camera technology also has serious limitations: audio & video quality is still poor and always out-of-sync with audio that doesn’t follow the speaker’s lips; external sources can’t be concurrently recorded during an interview; and IP signals are easily compromised!

In either case, current video interview recording technology is complex; requires technical assistance; and doesn’t provide one centralized location for secure storage and access.

The MaestroVision police interview recording system KEYSERV PD: 

The MaePolice interview recording systemstroVision police interview recording system, “Keyserv PD” provides law enforcement with the next generation recording capabilities in a cost effective package.

A technology that combines:

  • Broadcast quality digital video with synchronized audio – including embedded text notes or transcripts, as required
  • Simultaneously record up to four independent sources such as: cameras, remote webcams, Internet resources like YouTube[1], or a touch-screen , providing additional insight directly on top of a source such as a Google[2] maps.
  • Secure storage & retrieval. 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Easily & quickly record, locate, retrieve and share police interviews 24/7 , without assistance.


More System Features:MaestroVison interview recorder touchscreen monitor
• Simple and efficient content indexing.
• Intuitive user interface reduces operator learning curve.
• Long term archiving and data recovery.
• Output files for recording multiple copies on DVD’s, Blu-ray and others.
• User defined “Delete” date automatically eliminates files no longer required.
• System automatically generates a thumbnail timeline of recording at user defined intervals.
• Advanced security features protect content and rights management access.
• 24/7 technical support.

When combined with its Video Library and archiving System “Veotek PD”, a complete turn-key solution is finally available to record, catalogue, store, and retrieve all of the different media types collected.

“The product proposed and implemented by MaestroVision exceeds our needs in terms of judicial interviews, and is very easy to use.”

Inspector Luc Larocque, Criminal Investigations Division, Thérèse-de-Blainville Municipal Police


For more information, please contact us at  1-888-424-5505  /  info@maestrovision.com



Inputs :
• Up to 4 HDMI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, NTSC inputs
• Audio balanced inputs
• Supports all SD/HD standard resolutions
• Different connection configurations available

Supported file formats:
• Wrapper: Mpeg, Mov, Mp4, Avi, Mxf
• Essence: Mpeg2, DV, H264
• Bit rate up to 100 Mbps

• 4TB (Approx 10,000 hrs)


Dimensions :
• Height : 17.8 “ (452 mm)
• Width : 7.0 “ (178 mm)
• Dept : 25.5 “ (648 mm)
• Weight : 71 lb (32.2 kg)

* Rack mount version available

 System configuration:

• Dual Intel Xeon processors
 Up to 16GB RAM
• Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet   controllers


• 12TB (Approx 30,000 hrs)

KS-HD-SDI: 1 digital HD-SDI (SMPTE-292) input with  up to 6 embedded audio   channels
KS-HDMI: 1 digital HDMI (no HDCP support) input  with up to 6 digital audio  channels or 2 channels of  balanced analog audio
• KS-NTSC: 1 analog composite (NTSC) input with up to  2 channels of  balanced  analog audio

• KS-DVD: 
Stores recording on up to 3 DVD disks
• KS-Blu-Ray
Stores recording on up to 3 Blu-Ray disks

• KS –BU
Additional removable drive for recording backup



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