MaestroVision  interview recording system, law enforcement video library and video evidence management software, provide easy recording, storage, indexing and retrieval of all digital evidence.


Our law enforcement video solutions; interview recording technology and digital evidence management , are targeted for the state police, municipal police, city forces, border services agencies, correctional services, security intelligence services, military police, national investigation services, police academies,  and other law enforcement agencies and has been already successfully used by Government, Municipal entities and Broadcaster in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Video evidence management, the new challenge for law enforcement agencies

DIGITAL EVIDENCE CHALLENGESLaw enforcement agencies are facing many challenges in regards to video evidence management, the most recent being the growing use of body-worn cameras. The amount of digital evidence that is being collected due to existing in-car cameras recordings, licence-plate readers, GPS applications, interviews recording, surveillance cameras and others is becoming unmanageable.

Police departments are currently looking for new solutions to efficient digital evidence management; reducing time response to existing investigations, while improving their storage capabilities and speed of information retrieval. 

-Storage, data retention and training costs

In regards to video evidence management, police departments are responsible for protecting personal data, storing recordings in a secure server, restricting access to information, whist providing assurance that recordings have not been modified or accessed inappropriately. Contrary to this, it is imperative that prosecutors and defence attorneys are granted permission to access specific evidence at certain times, without turning this function into a full-time job for police officers

Providing this service represents additional expense, over and above the initial capital cost of cameras and equipment, not only in data storage and retrieval but also in training and program management. In 2014, the Police Executive Research Foundation published a document revealing that the estimated cost of data storage from body-worn cameras alone can reach up to 2 million dollars per year in some cities.

-Current reality of video evidence management in law enforcementTIME WASTE SEARCH EVIDENCE

Each personal camera, in-car camera, licence-plate reader, GPS application, ticket management and other communication devices are using their own storage and management systems. The process of retrieving and reviewing evidence becomes unworkable because there is no cross-referencing between these applications.

The amount of time wasted by officers searching for evidence has become such a problem that in some cases law enforcement agencies have taken the decision to simply destroy their video information. Too often, defence attorneys requested video evidence gathered about their clients monopolises hours of police time.  This is the kind of expense that law enforcement agencies simply cannot afford, despite the fact that critical lost evidence can either help prove an offence or resolve a crime.

-Centralized video evidence management solutionLAw enforcement video solutions

Manage all evidence from a centralized application and obtain all information for open cases in a single search…

Considering that one of the biggest challenges that law enforcement agencies face is efficient video evidence management, a cost-effective centralized solution with advanced security features and a reliable back-up storage system is imperative.

MaestroVision provides this centralized solution to efficiently manage the unprecedented volumes of data now collected and retrieve relevant video evidence in a single search.

All data collected by law enforcement officers including video, audio, images and documents from body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, licence plate readers, GPS applications, gunshot detection systems, laptops, facial recognition software, interrogation recording, surveillance cameras and media provided by the citizens, can be managed from just one location.

-Key features include:

  • Advanced security components to protect critical content
  • Limited access based on security clearance levels
  • Search engine capable of finding multiple evidence in a single search
  • Reliable back-up system
  • Data retention rules
  • Simple operation through intuitive user interface
  • Extensive storage capabilities

MaestroVision solutions provides highly efficient means to manage all data collection, whilst reducing time response to existing investigations, improving their storage capabilities and speed of information retrieval, and most importantly reducing expense. 

Interview recording system, the latest generation in police interrogation

For law enforcement, armed forces and government agencies, interview recording is the mainstay for collecting valuable testimonial and forensic evidence.

Old legacy systems use analog cameras recording on DVDs that are hard to retrieve and have to be duplicated.  The audio & video signal is very poor, and even with multiple cameras in an interrogation room, only one camera is recorded, maybe with a second tiny image keyed into a corner.

ANALOG AND ip CAMERASNewer IP camera technology also has serious limitations: audio & video quality is still poor and always out-of-sync with audio that doesn’t follow the speaker’s lips; external sources can’t be concurrently recorded during an interview; and IP signals are easily compromised!

In either case, current video interview recording technology is complex; requires technical assistance; and doesn’t provide one centralized location for secure storage and access. 

-The challenge of police interview recording

So, despite all the promise of and investment in technology, existing video interview recording software are limited, vulnerable, and inefficient… with a poor cost/benefit.  They depend on the cost & availability of technical assistants; they provide poor quality evidence easily challenged by legal counsel or judges; and you have to watch endless hours of recordings to hopefully locate just one single statement.

-The latest generation of forensic interview recording

Obviously what’s needed is a technology that combines high quality, synchronized audio & video recorded from cameras and other sources such as touch screen monitors… all recorded at the same time with effortless but secure storage & retrieval.  If authorized personnel could easily & quickly record, locate, retrieve and share police interviews 24/7 – without assistance – the increased productivity would easily justify investing in a next-generation system that quickly produces impressive results. 

-MaestroVision’s KEYSERV & VEOTEK-PD

Well, the latest generation of interview recordinMaestroVison interview recorder touchscreen monitorg and video management technology is available – thanks to the marriage of MaestroVision’s KEYSERV-PD (interrogation recording software) and VEOTEK-PD (law enforcement video library).

MaestroVision’s KEYSERV-PD provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables authorized personnel to simultaneously record up to four independent sources in broadcast quality digital video with synchronized audio – including embedded text notes or transcripts, as required.  Sources can include cameras, remote webcams, Internet resources like YouTube[1], or a touch-screen that anyone can draw on with a finger, providing additional insight directly on top of a source such as a Google[2] maps.

MaestroVision Video library

MaestroVision’s VEOTEK-PD integrates and stores this high-quality data stream on a server protected by advanced security features that prevent unauthorized access. The software helps users conduct keyword-based searches that quickly find video linked with imbedded logs, notes, or transcripts – all within restrictions defined by the system’s administrator. And every search creates a detailed record of who accessed what video, and when. 

-Imagine the Potential

With MaestroVision’s KEYSERV-PD and VEOTEK-PD, investigators, lawyers and other authorized personnel can instantly locate high quality video on any person, location, or event mentioned and logged in an interview – or any source recorded and stored on the server.  That information can be shared on DVDs or USB keys – or via e-mails or Dropbox[3] services – then viewed with Maestro-Vision’s player on any computer.

No other video interview recording system provides the functionality, flexibilInterrogation-recording-software-MaestroVisionity, security, reliability or ease-of-use of MaestroVision’s KEYSERV-PD and VEOTEK-PD.  Let us demonstrate how to increase your interview video’s ROI by increasing the efficiency of video data capture, storage & retrieval to accelerate video-based issue resolution – all within a high-security environment that tracks any use.

Take the next step towards efficiently and effectively leveraging of the power of KEYSERV-PD and VEOTEK-PD, and contact MaestroVision today.  

Camera surveillance management, evidence retrieval on a click

Video surveillance is the 21st century ‘edge’ for effective law enforcement. Agencies can follow suspects in public areas; evaluate felons during interrogation; observe detainees during drug and alcohol testing; or monitor the movement and activities of incarcerated populations.

Retail commerce can also use it to identify customer shoplifting or employee pilfering; Casinos can scrutinize players suspected of cheating; and municipalities can monitor activities in public spaces to reduce crime and vandalism.

– The challenge of evidence retrieval

Despite all of the advantages, fundamental barriers impede the translation of video surveillance data into actionable video evidence.

First, there’s the problem of converting disparate sources to a standardized archive format… a time-consuming process that usually removes even marginal data such as source, date and time.

Then there’s the challenge of retrieval – the time and resources required to review volumes of folders, files and clips using inefficient legacy tools to find a ‘needle’ of evidence in a video ‘haystack’. This also impedes the work of prosecutors with insufficient time or resources to build a case from multiple video sources and formats – who subsequently waste hours in trial trying to present it all.

-Evidence retrieval on a click

What if all available video could easily be archived in a secure standardized central location, tagged with extensive details that go way beyond just time, date and location?

And what if you could search that entire database to retrieve only key video clips using metadata and the power of facial & object recognition and movement detection; automatically position the output onto a multi-channel timeline; then easily playback all relevant video anywhere along the timeline – all at the same time?

-MaestroVision’s VERAD

Well you can do all that – and much more… with MaestroVision’s VERAD: Video Evidence Retrieval Archive and Distribution system.Surveillance camera management

At the core of VERAD is an application linking all available Milestone Surveillance Camera systems so you can access, import and convert all video recorded by cameras in the system for storage on a secure server – without the loss of any associated metadata.

Better still, detailed metadata – such as facial & object recognition, license plate OCR, security card readers and manually entered annotations – can easily be integrated to help build event-triggered information.

Retrieving this information via search parameters enables MaestroVision’s VERAD to automatically assemble all relevant video into a chronological sequence that follows a suspect from one camera to another. You can even watch multiple-cameras simultaneously with seamless action overlap – eliminating any suggestions that editing has altered the integrity of an event.

This new timeline, and all associated data, can then be stored on MaestroVision central system or other media such as DVDs or USB keys, then viewed by investigators, lawyers, or authorized personnel, with the VERAD player… on any computer.

Proven technology you can trust

The technology behind MaestroVision’s VERAD is already used in mission-critical applications by law enforcement and government & municipal agencies, broadcasters, and many others.

MaestroVision and Milestone welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how VERAD can increase the efficiency of surveillance video, while drastically reducing the time and resources required to successfully conclude investigations – all with a simple, user-friendly interface that runs on existing hardware.

Take the next step towards efficiently and effectively leveraging of the power of VERAD, and contact MaestroVision today. 

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